From Germany to Portugal: Julia’s Inspiring Journey of Resilience and Determination

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• Julia is originally from Germany, but she moved to Portugal when she was 19.
• She found a job opportunity there and eventually resettled and brought her parents and siblings to live with her.
• She has been living in Portugal for 15 years and has built a homestead that provides for her family. She is also an active member of the local Bitcoin meetup.

Julia moved to Portugal from Germany when she was 19 with the intention of travelling, but ended up finding a full-time job that she decided to stay for. She eventually brought her parents and siblings over to join her and they’ve been living in the country for 15 years. During this time, Julia has been working on building a homestead that provides for her family. She has also become an active member of the local Bitcoin meetup, where she talks about the work it takes to understand and work with Bitcoin, and how it is similar to homesteading and farming.

Julia’s story is unique and inspiring, as she was able to make a life for her family in a different country from the one she was born in. She talks about how homesteading requires a high upfront investment, but a low time preference, which is something she has found to be true with Bitcoin as well. Julia is passionate about her community and the local Bitcoin meetup, and she speaks about how it has been a great way to learn and connect with like-minded people.

Julia’s story is one of resilience and determination, and it serves as a reminder that it is possible to create a life for yourself in a different place than the one you’re from. Her story is an example of the power of community and how it can help you reach your goals. She is an inspiration to those who are looking to make a change in their lives, and her story is one that will continue to motivate and inspire others.

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