From Doubter to HODLer: Lessons Learned from Investing in Bitcoin

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• Konstantin Rabin is a finance and technology writer who heard about Bitcoin before it gained mainstream attention but missed out on investing in it three times.
• He shares the lessons he learned from his journey that are worth sharing with anyone who is still doubting BTC.
• He was introduced to Bitcoin by his colleague Edgar, a fellow investor and smoker, who explained what the whole Bitcoin thing is all about.

My Journey With Bitcoin

I am one of those fortunate enough to find out about Bitcoin more than a decade ago before it gained mainstream attention. However, I passed up on investing in it three different times before eventually giving in and becoming a HODLer. This article will discuss the key lessons I learned along this journey that are worth sharing with anyone who is still doubting BTC.

How I Learned About Bitcoin

I started my first full-time job in an online brokerage back in 2011 where I befriended someone named Edgar. We shared some interests such as gaming and nicotine addiction. One day, while we were smoking together, I noticed that his Skype status was some sort of gibberish that looked like a cat had been walking over his keyboard – it was actually a Bitcoin address! When questioned about this mysterious string of characters, Edgar went into detail explaining what the whole Bitcoin thing is all about which instantly got me interested in the topic since I already knew of similar schemes such as e-gold but this one seemed much more legitimate.

Why I Didn’t Invest at First

Unfortunately for me, 2012 was probably my worst year financially so investing money into something like this seemed too risky for me at the time even though 3,730,218 public keys already existed on the Bitcoin network by then and its value had risen significantly since its inception just four years earlier. Thus, despite being really intrigued by what he told me and considering it an interesting gamble, I decided against investing in bitcoin at first due to my circumstances.

Why I Decided To Invest Later On

However, after several years of learning more about cryptocurrency and watching its progress as well as hearing success stories from investors around me – most notably Edgar himself – I finally decided to invest in bitcoin myself during 2017 when its value rose significantly again due to increasing demand and popularity among investors worldwide which made buying bitcoins easier than ever before.

The Lessons Learned

The main lesson here is that if you’re ever presented with an opportunity like this don’t pass up on it simply because you don’t have enough resources or you think it’s too risky; instead do your own research and make your own decision based on facts rather than speculation or gut feeling since these can be deceiving sometimes leading us to miss out on great opportunities such as bitcoin did for me many years ago!

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