Free Your Mind: Bitcoin is Here to Create a World of Dignity and Freedom

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• Aleks Svetski is an extreme empath who has become disillusioned by the mindless lemmings he has encountered in his travels.
• He believes these lemmings lack the intelligence to recognize lies, the courage to call them out, or the dignity to stand up for truth.
• Aleks is in Bitcoin not because it is good for the masses, but because it is just, right, and will help to create an environment of dignity and freedom.

Aleks Svetski has had a tumultuous journey over the past few years, transitioning from an extreme empath to a dissociated and distant observer of the world. During his travels to twenty different countries between 2020 and 2022, he encountered hordes of mindless lemmings, all of whom seemed to lack the intelligence to recognize blatant lies, or the courage to call them out, or the dignity necessary to stand up for what is true. Furthermore, many of these creatures simply abdicated all responsibility and filled the vacuum with a diet of sludge for the mind, body, and soul, from Netflix and Disney, to seed oils and injection subscriptions, to scientism and moral relativism.

It’s this mindless consumerism and lack of dignity that has radicalized Aleks and made him question his role in the world. He no longer believes that he is in Bitcoin for the good of the masses, but rather because it is right, just, and will help to create an environment of dignity and freedom. Aleks is not in Bitcoin to appease the masses, but to provide a forward-thinking solution to the world’s problems that will help to create a world of dignity and self-determination.

Aleks believes that Bitcoin has the potential to provide a revolutionary way of life that is based on truth, justice, and transparency. He is convinced that Bitcoin will provide a way out of the current mess of manipulation, control, and lies that have been perpetuated by the powerful few. He is passionate about creating an environment of trust and dignity, where people can make their own decisions based on their own beliefs.

Ultimately, Aleks hopes that Bitcoin will become the foundation of a new way of life that is based on freedom, integrity, and respect for all. He believes that through Bitcoin, we can create a world where everyone is treated with the same respect and dignity and where each individual is empowered to make their own decisions. By using Bitcoin, Aleks hopes to create a world where people can live in harmony, free from manipulation, control, and lies.

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